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Interfacial Physics and Chemistry Laboratory (IPCL) focuses on fundamental understanding of  physics and chemistry at interfaces/surfaces ranging from bio-surfaces (i.e., lipid membranes, protein films), polymeric surfaces, and inorganic surfaces (i.e., metals). We aim to use our knowledge to develop high performance materials for various purposes.

Lab News

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  • 2022.11.25      Jinwoo Park received the “Excellent Presentation Award (Poster)” at the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea (SCSK), 2022 Fall conference.

  • 2022.11.17      Jeonguk Hwang and Hyunok Park received the “Excellent Poster Presentation Award” at the 2022 Fall Symposium of The Society of Adhesion & Interfaces, Korea.

  • 2022.11.04      Jintae Park received ‘Excellent Paper Presentation Award (Oral, PhD program)’ at the 2022 KSIEC Fall Meeting.

  • 2022.10.28      Jintae Park received ‘Excellent Oral Presentation Award’ at the 2022 KIChE Fall Meeting.

  • 2022.05.20     Seo Yoon Lee received ‘Excellent presentation award’ in the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea (SCSK) 2022 Spring conference.

  • 2022.05.11     Jinwoo Park received ‘The 1st Cosmax Excellent Research Award’ in KSIEC 2022 Spring conference.

  • 2021.11.05     Jinhoon Lee won ‘Excellent Paper Presentation Award (Oral, PhD program)’ and Seo Yoon Lee won ‘Excellent Paper Presentation Award’ (Poster on Colloids and Interfacial Chemistry) in KSIEC 2021 fall conference.

  • 2021.10.22     Jinwoo Park received ‘Best Paper Presentation Award’ in 2021 fall conference of ‘The Polymer Society of Korea’ on colloids and molecular assembly committee.

  • 2021.05.20     Jinhoon Lee received ‘Outstanding Online Short Talk Award’ in 2021 spring IUPAC-MACRO2020+, The 48th World Polymer Congress on Polymers and Environment.

  • 2021.04.23     Jieun Choi received ‘Excellent Paper Presentation Award’ in 2021 Spring Conference of KIChE on polymer.

  • 2020.11.14     IPCL has successfully relocated to 3rd floor of building #113.

  • 2020.10.30     Our members have won various awards in  KSIEC 2020 Fall meeting.

    [Best Paper Presentation Award, oral, PhD program] Jinwoo Park

    [Excellent Paper Presentation Award, oral, MS program] Jinsu Sung

    [Excellent Paper Presentation Award, Poster] Jieun Choi, Jinhoon Lee, and Haeun Kwon

  • 2020.10.06     Prof. Dong Woog Lee received  “신진학술상” in 2020 Fall Conference of The Polymer Society of Korea.

  • 2019.10.31     Prof. Dong Woog Lee received  “제7회 미원상사신진과학상” in 2019 Fall Conference of KSIEC.

  • 2019.05.03     Jinwoo Park and Yoo Jung Song won ‘Excellent Paper Presentation Award‘ in 2019 Spring Conference of KSIEC on Colloids and Interfacial Chemistry.

  • 2017.09.20     Prof. Dong Woog Lee won ‘Young Fellow Award‘ in 2nd Asian Conference on Oleo Science

  • 2016.02.06     Lab Homepage opens !!

!! recruiting !!

I am looking for enthusiastic and bright students and postdocs. Priority is given to those people with experiences in force spectroscopy techniques, especially Surface Forces Apparatus (SFA). Please contact me if you are interested in surface/interfacial science.

Positions available:

n PhD / n Master / n undergrad